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Gypsy Laroux

Gypsy Laroux

Ottawa’s only bonafide Hula Girl hails from the rainy coasts of British Columbia, where she was raised by circus folk to sing and dance for her supper – learning the classic arts of ballet, opera, contortion and more. One rainy day she was swept out to sea while practicing a rather enthusiastic can-can, but was luckily rescued by pirates and taken along with them to travel the world. Eventually she wound up in the tropics, where she learned to blend classic burlesque with the traditional dances of Hawaii and the surrounding islands, and discovered the music of her true love – Elvis. After shimmying her way to Ottawa, Miss Gypsy was reunited with her long-lost sister, Kicky, and found a family with the lovely ladies of Rockalily Burlesque. Nowadays Miss Gypsy can be found performing with Rockalily, either rocking the hula or singing jazz so smokey there might as well be a cancer-warning on it.
With pin-up style and a sassy attitude, Miss Gypsy is a Tiki goddess bound to knock your socks off.

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Helvetica Bold

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In 1986, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Helvetica shed her lobster claws and walked upright out of the sea into the arms of a lumberjack and a drag queen, who nurtured her until she was well enough to put on her own lipstick. She shimmied her way westward, leaving a trail of glitter all over Eastern Canada. She stopped briefly in Montreal for a baguette, which she later used as a sword in an epic battle against the troll who guards the Ontario-Quebec border. After besting the border troll, she went on to settle in the nation’s capital, becoming Ottawa’s Sweetheart …or was it Capital Cunt?

With a life-long dedication to art, theatre, and writing, and a background in journalism and marketing, this flame-haired jezebel founded Rockalily Burlesque in 2006 and became the forefront of burlesque revival in Ottawa, making lots of enemies and even more fans.

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Kicky Laroux 

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A classic pinup beauty and Miss Gypsy Laroux’s sister, Kicky Laroux’s graceful teases leave audiences begging for more. Her glove and stocking removal are second to none, and will make you long to touch her alabaster skin as she slowly reveals it, inch by inch.

Kicky loves pit bulls, little tiny hats, and red lipstick.

Don’t let that innocent pout fool you, her long legs have a lot of kick.

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Mighty Afrodite

Born in a discoteque atop Mount Olympus, Mighty Afrodite is the goddess of love, sex and funk! For centuries mortals have worshipped Afrodite for her big heart and big hair. Afrodite makes love to the the gods but grooves with the people beneath the spinning lights of the mirror ball.

Mighty Afrodite is perhaps best known for her roller skates, a gift from Zeus. Her mythic wheels have taken her from Mount Olympus to the legendary stages of Ottawa where Afrodite found the goddesses of Rockalily, who embraced her as a sister and welcomed her into their family. Mighty Afrodite has a new home in Canada’s capital; inspiring passion as she works her magic on stage

Rhapsody Blue

Rhapsody Blue is best known for her firebreathing, but she has a whole bag of tricks up her glittery sleeve. In addition to spitting round little balls of fire, Rhapsody dances with fire fans and also performs a mean strip tease. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources—such as anime, current events, films and internet memes—her performances are a mélange of saucy exuberance and tongue-in-cheek cultural commentary. Rhapsody Blue likes to tickle both minds and loins alike!

Her introduction to the burlesque scene came in 2010 with her decision to enter Rockalily’s amateur Burlesque Idol competition. What Rhapsody originally approached as a fun way to help raise money for cancer research quickly grew into a glitter addiction, and she has been performing regularly ever since. A common sight at Ottawa’s best burlesque shows, Rhapsody has also performed in a variety of other cities—including Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and Shazamfest in Quebec.

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 Sahara Starr

Sahara Starr is a passionate, elegant, and energetic belly dancer with a background in hip hop dance. Miss Starr joined Rockalily in 2008 and is proud to be Ottawa’s premiere bellydance-burlesque fusion performer.

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Born upon the banks of high Muddy River the child of one stupid steamy night …July 84 a Super Pea was podded. Raised on a healthy diet of underground hiphop and electronic oracular nourishment and trained in the art of tittie popping, ass shakin mamajama.

This Booty poppin’, potty mouthed Party Animal extraordinaire is sure to pique your curiosities of alt sex appeal.

Blessed with the gift of curve and hump, this doe eyed, DD-n’, pouty lipped, inked out hip hop momma is not only known for her ability to ‘think’, she can drink you under the table. She’s also known for her impeccable taste in reading material, eye-wear, and fridge magnets.

SweetPea is a hardcore gay rights activist and supporter of children’s programs and schools within our community.

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