Rockalily Burlesque was formed in Ottawa in 2006. Proud to be pioneers in the Canadian Burlesque scene, Rockalily was the first troupe to grace the Ottawa stage since its predecessor, Devil Dolls, closed up shop. Rockalily is the longest running Ottawa troupe, and undeniably the most popular, with a tight-knit group of performers who provide top-notch entertainment that draws from a variety of unique performance backgrounds.

From Gypsy Laroux’s traditional Polynesian dance/burlesque fusion, to Mighty Afrodite’s rollerskate-clad disco stripteases, to Helvetica Bold’s cheeky comedy, and so much more from all 7 of the lily babes, Rockalily brings you some of the best burlesque Canada has to offer!

We aim to provide quality, engaging entertainment that challenges societal norms of beauty, gender roles, and femininity through dance, theater, comedy, and art.

sex positive | kink friendly | GLBTQ allies